I Am Not Just The Regular Instagram Vendor – Faith Osamoje

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April 23, 2020
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I Am Not Just The Regular Instagram Vendor – Faith Osamoje


Osamoje Faith is a young lady trying to do regular business in an entirely different way. She is the founder of the FishArena NG. She had a chat with Ademola Ajibola recently and it was an exciting one.

You operate a business quite usual. Fish smoking and packaging. Why that line of business and not something entirely different?

I chose  that line of business because I grew up seeing my mum do it and That gave me the basic idea and the inspiration I needed for my brand. I also saw how very lucrative it is and as I grew up,I have always had the thought of packaging and rebranding in my head to make it more acceptable. So one day, I just told myself this is what I will do and I started.

How lucrative would you rate this business in Nigeria? And how has the response as regards purchasing , promoting and marketing been?

Smoked fish business is one of the most  lucrative business in Nigeria but a lot people don’t know because of the level of hard work it requires. So far, the response as regards purchasing has been great,A lot of people that have patronized me have really been impressed, because I give them 100 percent value for their money and with the help of social media, I’ve been able to promote and market my brand properly and the turn up has been great so far.

As a daily need product, how do you keep ahead of the demands of business and customers considering that food is an essential commodity that must always come fresh?

What I do at FishArena is, I take orders a day before, I make the fish from scratch and I deliver the next day fresh. So orders a taken a day before, with that it helps us know how many people we are making it for.

What sets your brand apart from the others who are in your line of business who maybe are just all about just smoking fish? Do you produce only fish? 

FishArena is a brand built with love and compassion. Our fish is always freshly made and also, our smoked shawa, Titus (mackerel), catfish and kote (horse mackerel) is always properly cleaned and neatly gutted before smoking, and we still sell at a very affordable rate unlike the others. At FishArena our clients satisfaction is very paramount to us and we look forward to constant patronage that is why we sell freshly made  products that will give you reasons to come back for more. At fish arena, we sell other dried food items too, frozen poultry etc InShort we sell everything you need to make Food.

Have you ever had a package returned to you for any reason? If yes, why did it happen and how did you fix it and if No, how do you make sure you ensure a perfect delivery of services always? 

Uhhmmm let me share my experience here. In Nigeria, No till date because when my clients gets their orders, the are always impressed and I’ve never disappointed them. But sometime in 2018 someone in the UK patronized me, she ordered and she didn’t want it too dry. The shipping company told me they will deliver in 3days but ended delivering in 2weeks and when she got it, her orders were spoilt already. She told me about it  and made a video and sent it to me and I apologized and told her I will make up for it, she said how? I told her to send her account details, she did and immediately, I refunded the complete money she paid  for the fish,she was really surprised for an “instagram vendor” to refund a complete money of a product. I told her my kind of Instagram vendor is different and in business if loosing money will make me protect my brand name, I don’t mind because I look forward to transactions where both parties will be smiling and By refunding her money, I was at peace with myself too. And after then, I worked on getting a very competent shipping company and they’ve been helping do my internationals deliveries without such incident repeating itself.

Can we meet you? And what’s your level of education? 


Yes of course , my name is OSAMOJE FAITH O. I’m the beautiful brain behind FISH ARENA NIGERIA. I’m from a family of 6 (the only daughter). I’m a graduate of MASS COMMUNICATIONS from ISFOP-BENIN UNIVERSITY COTONOU

If I choose to start this business, what are the 10 insights I can get from you to kick off?

Find your clientele, understand the market, know how to source for your products, find a catchy brand name, let your packaging be different and find the rest insights.

If you’d like to make a career out of any other profession, what would you like to be ? And why?

Definitely journalism. I’ve always loved journalism for unexplainable reasons .


  1. Michael says:

    I see Faith as a passionate Entrepreneur with a high level of customer satisfaction who at all time is interested in her customer satisfaction over had gain in other to protect her brand.
    Keep it up please!

  2. Ceethedj says:

    Brilliant interview

  3. Olamide says:


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