I Want To Change The Narrative – Oreoluwa Tusho

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April 23, 2020
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I Want To Change The Narrative – Oreoluwa Tusho


SOBOWALE OREOLUWA is a fast rising actress in Nigeria. The soft spoken lady had a tête-à-tête- with ADEMOLA AJIBOLA on here rise and her journey so far. Excerpts 

Can we meet you please?

My name is Sobowale Tusho – Oreoluwa. A graduate of Accounting from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Lautech) and also a Masters degree in Human Resources. I have been happily married for 5 years and I am an extrovert especially when I am around people I’m comfortable with while I could also be an introvert when I’m around new faces. I don’t take No for an answer and I strongly believe that everything is possible in life if you are willing to pay the price.

When did you feel the urge to become an actress professionally considering you have a very rich academic background?

For me, it has always been something I wanted to do from my university days but I needed to fix myself before getting into the industry. I don’t rush into things rather I take my time to analyse things from not just the positive side but also the negative side before taking a final decision. When I felt it was good for me, I got trained professionally and I launched out.

Were you family not worried about your choice considering how many negative news  are always flying around with actresses being involved?

Oh well, my spouse has been and is still very supportive of me. And the same thing can be said my parents.

What movie would you say landed you the big break that’s turned you to one of the highly rated fastest rising actresses in Nigeria?

I will consider Borokini Telenovela, which airs on Africa Magic Yoruba, as the ice breaker. I played a role of a wife to the great actor, Yemi Solade. Then my appearance in “Darkness (Okunkun)” earned me some really positive reviews. It feels good seeing people on the road appreciate my efforts.

Why are you in the Yoruba industry? As against the English which is reportedly far better in terms of remuneration?

Even though my first language is English, I am a Yoruba lady who is proud of her culture. I speak English fluently most times and even while acting in Yoruba movies, I still do. It’s all about the passion and love for the Yoruba movie industry and I want to change the notion and narrative that most Yoruba actors can’t communicate fluently in english. I actually went to an English Film School (Royal Arts Academy) to train in movie tactics.

You signed a deal with a cosmetics brand recently. How did that happen considering that major endorsements always go to the big names?

I am not in competition with anyone and I believe the sky is big enough for all the birds to fly without colliding with each other. I would say it’s God’s Grace and a very big thank you to “Poshglow Cosmetics Limited” for giving me the opportunity to be their ambassador. It remains a huge one for me. And I also say a big thank you to my Talent Manager, Mr Ademola Ajibola for always pushing me hard to be the best of me always. We have more news to unveil 

Who are the top 5 you will love to work with and who are the top 5 you’ve presently worked with?

Presently I’ve worked with Odunlade Adekola, Alex Usifo, Yemi Solade, Jaye Kuti and Ireti Osayemi. And I would really love to work with Chidi Mokeme, Funke Akindele, Steph Nora Okere, Lola Idije and Bimbo Akintola.

As a married woman, how do you wade off sexual advances from fans and even males out there?

If a fan or man doesn’t see the ring on my finger which I always flaunt happily, then I verbally remind them that Mr. Tusho has paid the price.


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