Selective Empathy Is Nollywood’s Major Problem – Taiwo Adeyemi

January 23, 2020
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April 23, 2020
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Selective Empathy Is Nollywood’s Major Problem – Taiwo Adeyemi


Fine boy, TAIWO ADEYEMI, is a fast-rising Nollywood actor. He spoke to Ademola Ajibola on some exciting topics. Enjoy!

In the ever-growing movie industry of Nigeria today, you are rated as one of the most hardworking handsome new school guys. How does it feel for you to be so loved by colleagues and fans alike?

I feel so elated and humbled each time I get so much love from my colleagues and fans. Especially my senior colleagues or let me say, the veterans. I used to feel people don’t know me yet but I lied, they know me. A lot of times I go on a movie set or I go for an event and I meet the living legends and they tend to even greet me before I greet them. I always feel like “mama I’ve made it”

What would you say separates Taiwo Adeyemi from every other actor in the industry?

Well, I’d say what separates Taiwo Adeyemi from every other actor in the industry is the way I interpret my roles. I’m not saying I’m the best but the way someone else would interpret isn’t the way I will interpret it & that’s because I love to receive my scripts on time so I can work on it. I’m also a Spontenous actor, however, professionally, I love to prepare and make personal research on characters been given to me to play. Some fans also say they love how I speak & also how I’m selective with the movies I feature in. So I guess different people have different reasons for what separates Taiwo Adeyemi from every other actor in the industry for them. 

Many see you as “butty” (catch phrase for a rich kid). How was growing up for you ? A very smooth ride? And at what point did Nollywood looked attractive for you?

I laugh each time people say I’m “Butty”. Well, maybe while growing up, I was…. Life was good and smooth. I was the only child for so many years after we lost my twin brother so yeah, my parents took care of me so well. But along the line, life started happening. So even with the “butty” figure, I’ve been through a lot. 

Nollywood started looking attractive to me in 2015 when I got positive feedbacks from people that saw my first ever featured movie. I started acting and I fell in love with it.

In the face of numerous challenges associated with rising through the ranks in Nollywood, what’s been the motivating factor for you over the years?

My greatest motivating factors are that when I look back & see that I’m not where I used to be, there’s a progress. I’m not where I wanna be yet but if I keep working hard, I’ll get there. Secondly, A lot of people look up to me. I don’t wanna disappoint them. I know that the future of Nollywood is very bright. Great actors are coming up everyday. There’s no place to play, everyone is improving on their craft everyday. And that keeps me going too coz I don’t wanna be lagging behind.

You are rated as a very stylish actor. Who are your 5 most dressed actors in Nigeria and why are they making your list?

These are my 5 most dressed actors and that’s because I love the way they around with fashion, their outfits sit well on them perfectly. They don’t force it. It comes naturally. I love Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah, RMD, Femi Adebayo, Timini Egbuson.

The influx of untrained actors in the industry is fast taking a dangerous bend, as most people enter through backdoors, with little or no trainings at all. What do you think can be done to curb this menace fast building up disrespect for the industry?

I actually feel there should be a proper way for actors entering the industry. Truth be told, a lot of damage has been done to the image of the industry and its alarming. There should be rules & punishments for whoever goes against the rules. I’m just scared of Selective Empathy and that seems like the only thing we know how to do best in Nigeria right now. 

If you were to advise a class of intending actors, what are 10 things you’d tell them to have or do to be a successful actor.

Keep learning, Keep improving, Be true to yourself, Be true to your craft, Be focused, Don’t take shortcuts, Be ready to pay your dues. Also ensure you Make good use of your social media platforms, Put your work out there, Don’t depend on anyone to get you acting gigs and above all thing  Work hard & Pray hard!

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