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Gbadebo Olubola is a top Nigerian baker and pastries expert based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The Creative Head at SWEETCRUMBS CAKES had this chat with Ademola Ajibola on the industry she operates in, and what keeps her going. Enjoy.

How lucrative would you rate the cake/pastries business in Nigeria?

The cake/ pastry industry is quite lucrative, especially if you have a clientelle base within the age of 20-35 years old. The people within this age bracket are those who always have something to celebrate, have kids, have weddings to do as well. Knowing one’s market is the most important part.

In a largely competitive market like yours, how do you keep ahead of the demands of business and customers?

Yes the market is really a competitive one, we have lots of extra hands in trying to meet up with clients demand, and as for the business you need to learn new styles, designs from time to time for your business to remain relevant.

Who were and are your early inspirations and how was your learning curve relatively possible even when some or most of them were not physically available to mentor you?

I have always had people who inspire me, and still do. The likes of Lady Dainty, Dripples cakes, Dewdrops cakes, Snowflakes Artistry, Sugarsmithcakes to mention a few. I have been opportuned to train with some of them online and onsite. And I still have some people I look forward to train with.

There are several creativity being put to play in the art of cake making in recent times. What sets your brand apart from the others who are in your line of business?

True, the cake world keeps evolving with the introduction of new trends daily. even though one can’t master all trends but you have to move with the world, and yes the quality of our confectionaries makes us stand out. The watch word is “You get your Money’s Worth”.

Have you ever had a job returned to you for any reason? If yes, why did it happen and how did you fix it and if No, how do you make sure you ensure a perfect delivery of services always? 

Yes, although not returned but we had to go refix at the client’s place. We had a cake crash because we used another logistics company. We have a well trained delivery company we partner with, and with them, our products are always delivered in perfect condition.            

If you’d like to make a career out of any other profession, what would you like to be ? And why? 

Not sure I will love to make a career out of another profession, if there is anything like the life after, I will still love to come back as a Baker.  

You are rated as one of the biggest brands out of Ibadan city to the entire nation. Give our readers 5 insights that can make anyone a master baker in Nigeria please.

I will say, you have to learn your skills well, take as much classes as possible and perfect all you have learnt.  You have to make your customers satisfied, by delivering a quality that meets up with your charges. Make enough Noise, build yourself as a brand. Also have functional Social Media Platforms to market your brand. And lastly, Have it at the back of your mind that lots of people are watching so you cannot afford to give up. No matter what, you have you to be PERSISTENT.


  1. Prince Oyekanmi Adeniyi O. says:

    Nice one. And I pray God will make u bigger IJN

  2. Adenike says:

    @sweetcrumbs is the best baker, she is really an inspiration to me and other upcoming bakers, keep doing the good work sis. Am always a fan

  3. Tayo says:

    Well done Olubola ❤️❤️ CEO @sweetcrumbscakes

  4. Adeola Kareem says:

    Best ever

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